Find Your Brand Voice.

    Every new venture, product and service requires a clear and authentic brand voice to engage communities and move target audiences to action. Brand Lingo™ blends deep experience with advanced branding methodologies to help individuals, organizations and companies find and form their marketplace voice quickly and effectively.


  • Services

    I consult with companies and organizations to find their distinctive marketplace voice and guide them towards establishing their own special vocabulary or “brand lingo” that fosters prospect trial and builds passionate customers, employees and stakeholders. My core services include:


    Brand Positioning

    I work with clients to define, differentiate and position brands to maximize relevance and competitive differentiation. I achieve clear, distinctive positions for both new and evolving brands through innovative insight mining methods, creative mapping, rigorous distillation and refinement.


    Brand Naming

    I create unique and ownable names, nomenclature systems, tag lines, descriptors, and slogans that define the values, experiences and perceptions of your business, product or service brand. I also provide global linguistics studies and trademark counsel to support all brand naming efforts.



    Looking for creative services that help you extend and manage your marketplace voice? Ask me about my proven brand extension partners that specialize in visual identity and packaging design, mobile/web/software development, film/video production, PR, training, and full-service agency support.

  • Work

    Brand Lingo is a go-to, strategic branding resource that partners with companies, agencies, consultants and entrepreneurs to create winning brands. My naming and branding portfolio spans a wide range of industries:


    Professional Services

    Avenue Logistics, Concerto, E2, Foxguard Insurance, Ingenex, Enspire Dental, Matchseed, Goldrunner, Prototop, Allovance Method, OptiGear, Springmatter, Lakechain, Evolucent, Soundrocket, CX3, Lumitrek, Thinking Fountain, Firebolt, Jetbridge, Common Sail, Brightwing, Circadia



    RedViking, Accuray, Symbrium, Alturna, Tangenix, Anthem, FlexGen, Roamio, Tombolo, Vantium, Wingspan, Torno Boatworks, Good Armor, MessageWrap


    Software & Technology

    Eleventure, Boomdash, Attaineo, Corridor, Drawbridge, Fantelope, Gigjumper, Invia, Kinderstreet, Altero, Tablehawk, Ovasys, Senderoo, Ramblehook, Turnstone, Sonaria, OrangeGrove, Parentography, Precipio, Nuvolo, Publicdrum, RouteSpout, Vale Solutions, Premio, ShareCare, Vocatta, Backstory, Venturo, Skipstone, Breezeform, KickSquad, Groundspeed, Stridepost, Argonaut, Conveyix, Encore, Catamaran, PageKicker, Matterhorn, Ripple, Boundiful



    AquaShot, Bloomstic, Eclipse Sun Screens, Ibieko, Natural Hive, Sweetpickle, MoonButter, Twist, Boxwood, Grapperz, Mend, TCxWave, Mineral, Revel & Roll, Hopkeeper, Manon, 1830, Wicked Owl, Nectarhaus, Snowbadger, Flock/Stock & Barrel, Street Cop


    Health & Fitness

    Engage, Joust, NuStep T5xr, Packard Health, Sunfield Center, TheraScar, Storypoint, Vie, The WellGrip, Skyway Health, Verapose, Elevate90


    Academic & Non-Profit

    Due North, Future Midwest, The Kite Network, Legacy Land Conservancy, Tumbleseed, SEMIWILD, TechTwilight, Intermitten, C2, Sprouted Sage, LightUp, MapleRock


  • process + Project flow

    • My strategic positioning and name development process is typically completed in 4-5 weeks and can be tailored to meet your team's unique requirements
    • Additional insight gathering methods can be explored and audience testing is optional

  • brand crusade

    "I help start-ups, corporate spin-offs and everything in between, discover and claim brand positions that are distinctive and ownable. I set out to create a one-of-a-kind consultancy that focuses purely on the two critical elements that propel all marketing activities: positioning and naming. And to be a source that can truly partner with agencies and other professional services firms to create purposeful and memorable brands."


    Scott Hauman

    Founder, Brand Strategist

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